Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment of Fees and Deposits

    • Tuition fees must be paid in full before the first class of the enrolled course(s) each month.
    • Tuition fees are charged on a monthly basis and due by the 7th of each month. Payments received after the due date will be subject to a late fee. If payment is delayed for more than 7 days, we reserve the right to release your child’s place without further notice.
    • Material fees are charged when joining regular term, and when materials are replenished or changed due to course levels.
    • Class times can be changed ONCE per month without charge. Thereafter, an admin fee will be charged.
  2. Make-ups (Online & Physical Classes)

    • Make-ups for sick leave can be arranged with a valid sick leave certificate specifying the date of the class being missed and needs to be presented before any make-up arrangements.
    • Story Jungle does not offer make-up classes or refunds for missed classes due to a student’s inability to attend for reasons such as school activities, field trips, scheduled conflicts, or sickness (unless a doctor’s note is provided and the make-up lesson is rescheduled to an available timeslot within 7 calendar days of the corresponding lesson). Parents and students are responsible for checking their schedules carefully before signing up. In case of sickness, students need to inform Story Jungle of their likely absence at least 5 hours before the scheduled lesson by telephone or through Whatsapp messaging.
  3. Class Scheduling

    • In the event of changing the child’s classes to a different course or time, 1-week prior notice must be given to Story Jungle.
    • Story Jungle reserves the right to cancel a class that has less than 2 students. Sufficient notice will be given to parents.
    • We reserve the right to substitute teachers without prior notice.
  4. Public holidays and Closures

    • We are closed on public holidays and Sundays.
    • If Typhoon 8 or Black Rainstorm is hoisted at 6a.m., All Morning Classes will be CANCELLED.
    • If Typhoon 8 or Black Rainstorm is hoisted at 12p.m., All Afternoon Classes will be CANCELLED.
      Morning Classes: 9a.m. – 2p.m.
      Afternoon Classes: 2p.m. – 7:30p.m.
    • All Kindergarten Classes will be CANCELLED if Typhoon 3 or Red/Black Rainstorm is hoisted.
    • We regret that neither make-up lessons, nor refund will be provided.
  5. Story Jungle Lessons on Zoom/ Online Policy

    • Don’t login to your Zoom classroom too early! Join in 3 minutes before your session to avoid any interruption of the ongoing class.
    • Be sure to enter as per your allocated time slot or you will be put in the Waiting Room until your session.
    • For easy identification, please use your child’s full name and to sign into the meeting.
    • Try to have the camera focused on your child only.
    • Instil etiquette and remind your child to stay focused and listen attentively.
    • Please do not record any Zoom sessions in any way to respect other attendees’ privacy.
    • Story Jungle reserves the right to prosecute if we find out you are recording class or session content.
  6. Publication of Students’ Works, Photos and Other Media

    • Story Jungle reserves the rights to use students’ works, photos, sound recordings and videos for marketing and promotional purposes, unless otherwise clearly stated on the registration form of enrolment by parents.
  7. Integrity and Intellectual property

    • All Story Jungle’s materials (including notes and worksheets) are prepared by Story Jungle and are not to be distributed to the public or sold for commercial or educational purposes. Reproduction of Story Jungle’s materials in any form is strictly prohibited.
    • Approaching Story Jungle’s teachers for private arrangements outside Story Jungle without our consent is strictly forbidden.
    • Story Jungle reserves all rights and interests in any intellectual property related to any lessons, curriculum, training (both online or physical) provided or any purpose associated with Story Jungle.
  8. Insurance & Indemnity

    • Story Jungle is not responsible for the conduct of persons at the premise and we are not liable for any injury, loss or proceeding at our premises.
    • A parent or supervisor of children younger than 5 years old must be present on the premise for the whole duration of the class. Additionally, due to current climate with COVID we cannot allow a group of parents in the reception area.
  9. Disclaimer

    • Story Jungle’s staff are authorized to handle any emergency or non-emergency medical situation as they see fit. All students enrolled at Story Jungle assume their own responsibility and agree not to hold the company responsible or liable for any loss, damage to students’ properties or injury to students or their guests as a result of attending the lessons.
    • Story Jungle reserves the right of final decision in case of any dispute. These terms and conditions are subjected to change at any time without prior written notice from Story Jungle.
  10. EDB Arrangements

    • Any updates or sudden changes will be in accordance with statements and updates provided by the Education Bureau. In the event of disputes, we will follow EDB policies in order to effectively maintain safety for all students and staff involved.

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