Sally Ng

Honorary Education Consultant

Sally Ng has been a Native English Teacher at Story Jungle since 2007 and she specialises in technical writing, GCSE, speech training, and grammar. Sally teaches students from both local and international schools. She is also knowledgeable with the British boarding school system. Born in the United Kingdom, Sally completed her high school education in a prestigious UK boarding school and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of London. Having spent a number of years studying in St. Mary’s Canossian School, Sally is familiar with the local school system and understands through first-hand experience the struggles that Hong Kong students encounter. “Like many other students in Hong Kong, reading English books was just a part of my primary school curriculum. I did not know how and what to read for leisure until I was schooled in the UK, where I was guided to a completely different reading approach and suitable books. Eventually, I learned the power of reading and its life-long benefits, as well as the importance of nurturing a reading habit. I decided to dedicate my career to helping children build confidence and gain knowledge through English reading since I strongly believe in the significant impacts that reading brings to every child.”

Sally runs REACH Reading Charity with Ms. Vivian as she believes that every child deserves quality education regardless of their socioeconomic background and gender.

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