Our Philosophy

About Story Jungle

Founded in 2002, Story Jungle is a premier English learning centre specialising in reading, writing and speaking. Since 2002, Story Jungle has successfully improved the reading proficiencies of tens of thousands of kindergarten, primary and secondary students in Hong Kong.

Our Philosophy

Based on 18 years of experience, Story Jungle understands that:

  • Reading is one of the most important skills in a child’s development--it is a gateway to knowledge and lifelong opportunities.
  • Reading is a very complex and technical skill set which must be broken down into three essential learning components - reading ability, reading comprehension and reading motivation.
  • Reading instructions and curriculum must incorporate highly systematic and explicit approaches in order to be effective and meaningful in a students’ learning development.

Like trees in a jungle, we hope that reading becomes the roots that anchor our students’ learning, thus allowing them to soar high and enabling them the widest and greatest visions in life.

Reading is the gateway to inspirations and advancements.

Reading is the key to English proficiency.

Reading is the best gift for children.

Story Jungle Mission

  1. Equip students with the ability to read through systematic instructions and curriculum
  2. Teach students to use reading as a tool to improve their English writing, grammar and speaking skills
  3. Ignite students’ motivation with specialised and interest-driven curriculum paired with top-notch children’s literature
  4. Outreach to the Hong Kong community in partnership with our REACH Reading Charity to bring reading to every child