English Storytime EP.1


English Story Time EP.1 How to Improve Children's English Reading Ability

Thank you Wkids for the great interview! Ms. Vivian will share different English reading tips and knowledge to parents in nine upcoming episodes! Which books are better for children--English levelled readers or English picture books? In this episode, Ms. Vivian will discuss their differences and suggest corresponding reading strategies. Let's go to Story Jungle's Facebook page and watch the video to find out!

英語說故事EP.1 如何提升小朋友的英語自讀能力

多謝兒快 Wkids 兒快 的報導及採訪,Ms. Vivian在接下來的一連九集特輯會分享不同的英語閱讀知識,以及家長教學小貼士,各位爸爸媽媽密切留意! 究竟分等級英文書或著名繪本對兒童閱讀上較有幫助?今集Vivian將會討論兩者的分別以及教學方法,立即去以下嘅 Story Jungle Facebook page 睇片!


YouTube: https://youtu.be/5jNtGKcGMWY