Story Jungle has been the key sponsor of REACH since its inception. Race for Education Accessibilities for Every Child (REACH) was incorporated on 9 February 2012. Story Jungle and REACH work under the same belief that the ability to read and the cultivation of a reading habit are among the most effective and sustainable means for opening doors to better academic and overall life-long development for children in underserved communities.

Story Jungle designs a range of reading programmes for students and teachers to spread an effective and sustainable reading culture within schools with a high concentration of students from underserved families. Our student programmes include “The REACH Storytelling Programme”, a high-interest based school-wide reading programme to ignite a love for books and English reading, as well as “The REACH Reading Ambassador” which includes a specialised curriculum that meticulously helps students improve their English and reading skills.

For teachers’ programmes, Story Jungle designs a reading curriculum for teachers to use in-class to more effectively teach reading comprehension strategies and school-based reading materials. To ensure our curriculum is effective, Story Jungle and REACH conduct training workshops and discussion sessions with schools’ English teams throughout the school year. For more information, please visit